Mission Statement

Cognome’s mission is to organize health data so it is accessible and useful to those who need it while enabling the data to be controlled by the individuals and health providers who created it.

Organizing data means not only making it available for queries and analytics, but also using it to build products and predictive models using the most powerful tools available.

What’s in a name Cognome

  • 1


    map of the neural network of your brain

  • 2


    all the observational characteristics that make you - such as skin color, eye color, shoe size and/or cholesterol level.

  • 3


    the organisms that coexist within you such as as bacteria, fungi and viruses that help protect you from pathogens, digest food and produce energy.

  • 4


    the genetic materials that define you

  • 5


    the way that you think, pay attention, speak, learn, remember and perceive.


everything that characterizes you as a unique individual

Why Cognome
was Founded

We founded Cognome to overcome the following barriers to an industry-wide adoption of information and digital technology that prevent large healthcare delivery systems from experiencing the transformative impact of technology. At Cognome we have developed a framework for evidence generation, proprietary technology solutions, and a market strategy to address these problems and to validate the corresponding assumptions. We believe that once validated, Cognome stands to create a new market in healthcare analytics, to transform healthcare and to improve outcomes for everyone.


Inverting the
spending model

Healthcare lags all sectors of the economy in adoption of advanced information and digital technologies. This is partly because most healthcare systems run out of budget and resources building low-value and expensive data management infrastructure focused on reporting and regulatory compliance.


Integrating fragmented
and siloed technology:

While our understanding of healthcare and wellness is defined within a continuum of inter-related clinical, behavioral (socio-economic and cultural), environmental, and genetic factors, the healthcare system is extremely compartmentalized and broken into very many silos of narrowly focused interventions ...


Precision Medicine is not enough. We need a Personalized Experience:

While healthcare systems are struggling to adopt the most basic levels of data-driven and evidence based medicine, entrepreneurs and technology providers such as google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Intel have combined forces to push the envelope by conceptualizing and promoting a model ...


Accelerating advanced analytics by protecting private health information:

While we advocate for large scale and enterprise adoption of advanced analytics, the complex, computationally-intensive, and data-hungry nature of AI/DL/ML algorithms limit many to effectively apply and use these technologies. Not all health systems have enough data to solve data driven problems ...

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