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Cognome Search

For Systems Integrators

Cognome I/O

We have built a variety of tools to help install OMOP and Atlas and to improve its performance, if you are a services provider or systems integrator we would be delighted to talk to you about how you can use these tools to help simplify the setup. While we prefer to work with systems integrators, under special circumstances, we can also provide services to health care systems and providers as well.

Real Time Data Ingestion

Unlike any other organization in the world, Cognome manages it’s OMOP connection to source data (such as Epic’s Clarity database) in real time. This means that any Cognome powered OMOP instance is 100% in sync in real time with its source data. Cognome has developed a variety of tools to enable this to happen.

For Pharma

Cognome™ has access to real-time data that encompasses all (or the vast majority) of the data that is available from our healthcare provider clients. Cognome Search extends OHDSI’s Atlas functionality to make it easier and more powerful to use. Cognome is looking to partner with pharmaceutical companies and clinical researchers to make this available for:

  • Clinical trials
  • Pragmatic clinical trials, and
  • Real world observational studies.

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