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AI Enabled Healthcare

Cognome’s mission is to bring the work of Dr. Parsa Mirhaji, a leading figure in the field of health data innovation and Artificial Intelligence, to the world. Parsa along with his team of data scientists, AI developers and clinical practitioners began their work at the University of Texas 15 years ago and continues on today at Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein School of Medicine, an $8B academic healthcare system based in New York City. 

The transformative outcomes Parsa and his team have achieved in large and diverse healthcare delivery and research settings over the last decade compelled us to form Cognome so we could share their work with our community of healthcare innovators. Cognome is on a mission to revolutionize the way healthcare data is used to transform care delivery, clinical operations and medical research. 

Cognome offers AI and ML models and an ensemble of LLMs purpose built for advanced clinical decision support, precision medicine and reimbursement optimization. Our models address workflows throughout the care delivery continuum from in-patient to outpatient and ambulatory settings. The Models and LLMs are self-contained, ready for deployment and integrate with all leading EHRs and other data sources.

But Cognome is more than just AI models; we have an entire ecosystem that connects the thousands of point solutions in healthcare providing a cohesive view of everything that makes you you. Our ecosystem creates an environment for clinical innovation by enriching your hospital’s healthcare data. Or in Parsa’s words: Cognome is a framework to build a continuously Learning Healthcare System. 

Cognome is a combination of cognition and phenome representing all the data and insights there is to know about an individual: 
  • Analytics and insights from AI/ML & analytic solutions
  • Multimodal data from clinical systems (phenotype & genotype)
  • Environmental, behavioral, social & economic determinants & individual preferences 
  • Conversations & interactions with providers of healthcare

All of which is discoverable, interoperable, and computationally understandable.

And of course Cognome is optimized for HIPAA compliance & cybersecurity requirements of a network of federated healthcare systems.

If you represent a health system and this sounds intriguing to you, please request our one-sheet of available AI/ML models and LLMs. Or just enter your information for our mailing list if you want to stay updated on our progress. Our new website will be live shortly providing more information about our solutions and valuable resources for the healthcare AI and analytics community. 

Our doors are now open for business. Let’s revolutionize healthcare together!


James Green